Top Suggestions To Coach Young Tennis Players

2017-10-21 03:31

Tennis is one of the most favored sports of all times. Such is the popularity of the game that not just adults but the young ones too are finding a liking for the game. If your young one too has a new found love for the game, then coaching is a must. Here are some tips that will help you with the same.

The golden rule to stick to when coaching young players for tennis is to develop an atmosphere of fun and joy all around. You can't compel the kids to practice something diligently if they don't enjoy the process at all. Create a particularly delightful atmosphere for the children. Begin with playing easy games to catch their attention. As and when the young ones are engaged in playing the sport; move on to the next step of building competitive spirit in them.

Use of modified tennis equipment can also be of substantial help when you're attempting to coach young tennis players. Go in for lighter tennis racquets, softer tennis balls and lower nets. This modified tennis equipment will make the game a little easier for the young ones and involve them in the sport. Moreover, it will also ensure that the children do not strain themselves and develop any sort of back pain.

Use cones as reference points. It is a popular thing for kids to wander all around in the court when playing the game. You could avoid this wandering around and make them concentrate on the game by using cones to position them right. While running around in court could keep kids in shape and help them lose weight, it distracts them from the game and is also against the rules of the game.

When coaching kids for the game, you must teach them not just ways to play but also educate them about the game. Use the terminology of the game both on and off the court. For instance, you could refer to the lines and the areas of the court when teaching them how to play. Use the terminology of the game whenever giving them instructions.

Stick to the terminology but never over use it. More jargons and technical language you incorporate in your teaching, more is the possiblity that you will end up confusing the children. If you're battling with diabetes, it is fairly likely that the term 'diabetic neuropathy' is alien to you. Similarly it is not compulsory that the kid learning tennis is abreast with all its technical terminology.

While training young tennis players could be difficult, it can fetch excellent benefits if done in the proper way. So, wait no more. Abide by the given coaching ideas and see how the children turn into famous tennis players in the long run.